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Molecular matter
is the bridge
But where are you trying to go?

With 12 cosmological tracks, Agnostikon is ambient electronic music for the most silent pyschonauts, designed to scramble the interface between the mind and molecular matter to offer new views and points of multicolored perspective, only one fragment remains open to the perception of the primate consciousness.

Of these many recordings, tracks such as Lost Flowers and Wild Visitors of The World, offer strange glimpses of "reality" for the self that we yearn to become, that most intimate ontological being that we departed from in the hope of some kind of future understanding.

Drones, effervescent eruptions, contemplative tones, deep slow rhythms washed over by sea tide and crustacean conversations; this is what remains.  The rest of the recording was lost long ago, though in the eyes of the world nothing ever happened.

Track list:

01 Resultant Molecules
02 Electronic Signaling Process
03 Lost Flowers
04 Never Anywhere
05 Metabolic Cycle
06 Self Consistency Principle
07 Etheric Substance
08 Wild Visitors of the World
09 Evanescent Forms
10 Black Liquid
11 Invisible Resonance
12 Stardust Emanation

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