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Who is behind Black Note Music?

We come from a very diverse variety of backgrounds. What holds us together is a strong love for music and art, not only as items of pleasure or aesthetics, but as shamanic tools. Each of us has a particular flavor and a particular slant as you might notice...

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JC Mendizabal aka Ki-rin / Kyron

"I started playing music about 15 years ago but I still feel like I am barely starting to explore its infinite possibilities. I believe that the label or category that is applied to music is unimportant. What matters is the vibration that is awakened in those who listen."

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She can often be found in her room, making love to sounds. Rolling on the ground and being pushed by a force or memory that defies explanation.

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RFCL aka Radio Free Clear Light

Radio Free Clear Light is a living radio built of human components for the purpose of tuning into an otherworldly transmission through creative action. Whether through music, poetry, graphic art, video editing or some discipline in between, RFCL seeks to abolish the audience, turning them instead into an active element within the radio. In this way creation is never restricted to an elite few.

Friends of Black Note


Max Abelev

Max Abelev was born addicted to music and has kept up with a life-long tendency to seek out the strangest and darkest sounds that he can get his ears on at any given time.


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Rick Perko aka Vergot

"Well, I was born in a small town about 33 years ago. One day there was this alien coming down the fact, last night I had a dream about alien spaceships, spaceships were coming from the sky, but nobody else was seeing the ships, I don't know how they could have missed them...spaceships and aliens, that sums me up."

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Etanna  vows to stand against Blue Meanies everywhere by helping give the music back to the people. For her, participating in creative projects is an act of defiance. She maintains that we are all made of sound.

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David Collin

A transcendental awakening during an improvisational music session at 15 made real the true power of music and sound in creating parallel realities. The influences and exposure to Indian music masters and a chance encounter with Charles Mingus led to his free improvisational breakthrough utilizing electronic instruments and multitracked tape collage as a performance tool...

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Bret Stidham

My goal is to guide the listener from my own personal tastes and honesty in music to that which trancends and is yet an integral part of all musical, rhythmic and living structures."

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Sean Fenn aka Kreed DuChat

"My name is Kreed DuChat. The term, 'cri du chat' meens 'cry of the cat' in French. The word 'creed' means 'a statement of religious belief'.
I simply wish to express my mind in the form of this music. By approaching what I do in a stream-
of-consciousness mindset, I contradict nothing. I want to merge with everything around me."

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Ricardo Flores aka Caldo

A foreman of multidimensional spaces, he applies techniques, maps, and materials from different parts of the universe to create atmospheres and situations conducive to transformation, discovery, and magick.

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Matthew Shapiro

The ingenious, brilliant and mysterious keyboardist from such bands as Seraphim and Visitor. When not banging on the keyboards, Matt is programming computers and fighting eternal battles in Quake and Ultima Online.

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Patricia Elizabeth

A senior student and longtime associate of E.J. Gold, Ms. Elizabeth has a deep and precise knowledge of guiding beings through the dying process that she has shared in many hundreds of workshops over the years. A resident of Nevada City, she is currently at work on several books dealing with the spiritual side of death and dying.

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Menlo McFarlane

He has been referred to as a genuine shamanic artist with a professional background in dancing (he worked with Alvin Nikolai and Merce Cunningham, among others) and a great reputation as studio percussionist and percussion teacher. He is a true multi-instrumentalist (specializing in tribal instruments from Africa and Australia), performance artist and prolific visual artist who with his artwork has gained an international reputation.

Click here  to visit Menlo at his own site

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Douglass Truth

Born in 1953, in Indianapolis, into a family famous for its mechanics, bricklayers, and lawyers, Douglass was cursed with a heightened sensibility combined with very poor taste. Remedial education  through the years have brought him up to speed on this very important part of the artist’s toolkit. Artistically speaking, he has spent much of his life as a writer and short order cook based on the mistaken impression that he was color blind.

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Dru Kristel

Dru has over 30 years experience in both the world of music and the shadow worlds of the shamen. In addition to painting, sculpting and designing gardens, Dru works with a small group in New Mexico. A lifetime member of the Buffalo Skull Society and an elected member of the Order of the Eagle Feather, Dru spends most of his time in the garden.

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