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Between Spinning


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Of that which is
Of that which is
To be faintly remembered

Looking out the dark windows, feeling the force of motion, searching for delicacy, beauty, consciousness, language, sound, form, music.
Now soft and tender, now loud and wild and convinced. A very simple organism may find accidentally, through chemicals, through stress, through random accident in the theater of cold sky, the movie process, short rituals traveling through the rippling shining unforgiving fabric of light.
16 ambient experimental electronic tracks lead you through rippling shining unforgiving tumultuous insistent will, half heard before waking.

Track list:

01 Canciones Del Ayer
02 And Then She Sailed Through The Caves
03 Walk And Run
04 Interlude 03
05 Flying People
06 Interlude 04
07 Between Spinning Nothing
08 Excreta
09 In The Home Of Electronic Dust
10 Interlude 05
11 There Was This Woman
12 Language Through The Fabric Of Light
13 Interlude 02
14 Final Outcome
15 Simple Organism
16 Interlude 01

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