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and The

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It brought forth
some of its creations,
all uniquely
and you'll
miss it.

Freedom And The Process is an ambient minimalist electronic exploration of self-assembling molecular structures and the interactions between various sonic components.

The entity known as Prospero discovered The Process behind the symbol of the cosmic view. Time opened up the walls. Strange molecules swirled in one quadrant while Prospero established himself as the center. A dialogue was initiated.

Prospero experienced some unpredictable revelations during the experiment, revelations difficult to brush aside. He came to reduce the whole of existence to just the whim of that strange structure known as The Process. Together, The Process and Prospero lamented the demise of freedom.

"Freedom doesn't have a sole existence," The Process explained, "Music has a sole existence. Freedom crops up. Freedom is secondary. However, The Process and Freedom aren't enemies."

Thus, Prospero delivers to you the power that can not help, condensed into 12 tracks of delicate electronic noise and glitch coalescing into an ambient tapestry of melodic guitar and silvery experimental processing. A sound of the future, of the satiny dreams of mechanical things spiraling around an eternal core.

(Actually it isn't anything. It's all a dream. The Process is now the whole cosmos itself. This is how it began.)

Prospero now maintains that the simple action of talking with a stranger is the goal of the universe and all its entities. If you will accept this collect call from The Process click on the red link below.

Track List:

01 Genetic Behavior
02 Result of the Collision
03 Maybe Once He Did
04 Molecular Aasembly
05 Conditional Landing Probabilities
06 Edible Dream Mass
07 Sounds of Memory
08 Freedom and the Process
09 Mandorla
10 The Way They Landed
11 Talking With A Stranger
12 Erif Bin Air 

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