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Joyful Noise
Vol 3:

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The meaning mirrors
the process
of its creation.
Intelligence computation at a molecular level.

In the Spring of 2015, at the fevered height of the national war on noise, RFCL became aware of three invisible women who could silently refer to their secret knowledge of the truth. Together they devised a sonic road-map for the exponential ingression of intelligence into inanimate matter and called it: Image of The Invisible Unknown.
Six electronic tracks exemplify the destiny of the Dissonance movement- sweeping from subtle ambient spaces into the traumatic nightmares of cyborgs. Repetitive loops touch upon the frontiers of minimalism in a liminal space littered with glitch, ghostly female vocalizations, spoken word, primal growls and maniacal laughter.

Track List:

01 Unrelated Sequences
02 We Raised The Sphere
03 Ovum Gnosis
04 Image Of The Invisible Unknown
05 The Sound And The Process
06 Two Tales Of The Pilot 

Max Abelev - laptop
Colin Hamilton - viola, violin, vocals
Keith Yates - Kaos pad, keyboard, clarinet, zylophone
Tyler Hiebeck - pluribus node controller, vocals, noisemakers
Otto Gnomik - Buchla Music Easel
Etanna Zak - Kaos pad, keyboard, vocals
Lydia Harari - Kaos pad, keyboard, pluribus node controller, vocals
Juan Carlos Mendizabal aka Kyron - piano, electronics, mixing, deconstructing

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