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Chant : ITFC

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Evolved from a sequence of emergent complex resonant structures.
A practical interface between the chaos and the flame.

The scientists known to millions as RFCL have introduced a series of fractal equations that lead to cognitive chaos. Through experimentation with sex, drugs, and other mind wave manipulators, they have developed a method to control the chaos through a bizarre device known as ITFC.
The casual user may traverse magnetic temporality through a crystalline lattice of hypnagogic chanting and electronic sound.

Magicians and other visionaries who are aware of the device may succeed in remembering all they have not been or done. In clinical studies such practitioners refer to themselves as both the agents and the experiencers of phenomena. They claim that they have traveled to the dimension next door to ours, where the primordial sphere stirs in death's dream.

The device enables the first opening of The Gate; enabling mind displacement, personality reconstruction, reality manipulation, and unencumbered travel between spheres. RFCL recommends use of the device as a means for permeating the universe and hyper-dimensions with benign intelligence.

A single 40 min long track of unrelenting hypnagogic electronic musick.

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