Nomina Nuda Tenemus
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Joyful Noise
Vol 2:

Nomina Nuda

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Among phantoms,
a thing unattainable.
We deem ourselves
by self ordination

Mixed from recordings extracted from a single night of experimental musical and invocational improvisation, Nomina Nuda Tenemus is a haunting electro-acoustic relic. Ten distinct tracks flow seamlessly together, reconstructing for the listener the original intensive recording session.
Searing viola, passionate vocalizations and detailed electronic underpinnings coalesce to give rise to a series of chambers that spill from dark to light, from subtle ambience to provocative furor. Spanning the gap from the sublime to the profane, Nomina Nuda Tenemus explores mysterious and fevered inner terrain.
With titles such as "Penitenziagite" and "Adso Tastes Ox Heart", this project was inspired both by RFCL's prodding into the history of those hetrodoxical sects termed Gnostic as well as a creative analysis of Umberto Eco's linguistic parable "The Name Of The Rose."

Track List:

01- Tertius Equi
02- Adelmo's Window
03- Brunellus
04- Penitenziagite
05- The Seven Trumpets
06- Salva Me Ab Ore Leonis
07- De Te Fabula Narratur
08- Tripia
09- Adso Tastes Ox Heart
10- Seeking Finis Africae
Colin Hamilton - viola, vocals
Max Abelev - laptop
Etanna Sack - viola, vocals, noisemakers
Lydia Harari - vocals, noisemakers
Juan Carlos Mendizabal aka Kyron - electronics, mixing, deconstructing

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