Projective Module 3 - Other Things That Happened
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Module 3 :

Other Things
That Happened

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Electronic music,
smooth, rich, layered, complex as life itself.

Where are you drifting to? Where are you drifting from?

The three immortals fell into a deep dark slumber to travel into realms of existence far beyond our own. Their bodies drifted cold and seemingly lifeless for aeons before one of countless yellow stars beckoned them towards its radiance.
Welcoming solar flares arched and burst, warming the bodies of the three immortals until they were roused from slumber. They each took up a position to twirl gracefully about the body of the star and commenced to breath life into one another’s titanic lungs as they passed in their orbits.
Within each of the immortals the spent remains of the organisms that had once lived and thrived before their long, cold voyage mingled with the heat of the star. Screaming comets rushed in to join the dance, carrying thawing ice into the immortal’s bodies.
Soon new life sprang into existence within and upon the bodies of the three immortals and new songs composed of the heart beats and breath and electric pulsing of these many life forms layered one upon the other could be heard pulsing through the cosmos.
Here are the songs, arranged into 12 tracks,
12 vessels carrying the seeds of alien life into your nervous system.

Track List:

01 anhelavi
02 balbuttio
03 flaminis
04 pipio
05 adflatus
06 aurae
07 circumvolo
08 anima
09 venti
10 sibilo
11 spiritus
12 angelificata

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