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Detritus 1:

Time And Other

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Darkly illuminated, pensive, delicate
We are going somewhere,
we are becoming.

Time and Other Disturbances is a darkly illuminated soundtrack for all of temporal existence.

The distant future and ancient past unite where the serpent swallows its tail in 12 tracks riddled with driving melodic baselines, the glitch of clockwork machinations, wordless feminine vocalizations, childhood laughter and beats ranging from circumspect to tribal. Innocent melodic sojourns of minimalist piano and vibraphone amble into urgent electro noir tracks, and the adventure lies in the transitions from sparkling promise to pensive paranoia.

With tracks every nouveau shaman will boogie to as well as plenty for chilling, this is an album of curious compositions both deeply experimental and superbly enjoyable.

Track List:

01 Black Sacrificial Wings
02 Confession
03 Eternity In A Postcard
04 Lego Photosynthesis
05 Natural Time
06 Deep Forgotten Places
07 Confession Remix
08 Black Light
09 Futures
10 Nothingness Flows
11 Lego Photosynthesis Remix
12 Within The Fractals  

Indifferent to time and other disturbances,
I lived in stillness,
maintained in perfect stasis
through the efficient mechanisms
of a secret LEGO photosynthesis.

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