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In The Company
of the White

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To fire
A brave metamorphosis of sound

In order to evoke an illusion, it is said, things might work better in the company of the white rabbit. Thus Radio Free Clear Light brings you something unforgettable and fanged, a shadow of legend growing in Technicolor. Electric fire evoked purely by the mind becomes the dream, a new era forged beyond the control of the old masters and kings.

They come with heavy metallic instruments, synthesized noise, and thick boots made of light. They come at night, heralded by shrieking theremin and distorted female voices, a furious adaptation to the isolation of the social sphere, carrying sparkling weapons of sound. The experience of the time dimension is orchestrated through electronic loops and samples forging dark ambient experimental nebulae of detritus.

One might call it music. Backwards a record spins through our entire time stream liberating consciousness from its physical framework in a complex dance of sonic manipulation. Chants float away on the wind. Drums beat in gardens full of transhuman kisses. Vibraphones scatter soft unreal petals across human history. All elements are guided by an underlying macro narrative not quite clear, not quite invisible.

If this world is made of imagination the entire concept of the story will eventually become apparent. In fire born, from subconscious fantasies. To fire surrendered, to unfamiliar needs. This never ends for those who brave the metamorphosis, for those who brave the serpent's knot separating our vertical and horizontal identities. The ultimate rising of polyhedral spiritual attainment and authority. A shadow of legend, unforgettable, undeniable.

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