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Bret Stidham

Insomni-maniacal and digitally infected stuff that wreaks of the gift of the "impossible to explain in words" type of beat and bass where you ….anyway, REWIND
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The basics. I got my first electric guitar in 1990 for christmas, bright red Ibanez. Then i got my american Strat in ‘91 (which was an '89 sunburst) and the Wah and all those BOSS pedals. I got a '64 Fender concert amp (the four 10s kind) in Honolulu from brother Haumea Warrington for $175. I was heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Les Claypool, Vernon Reid, Rush, Van Halen, SRV, Fugazi, the “Freaky Stylie to Mother’s Milk” Chillis, and of course, HIPHOP from Ice T and Too Short to LL, EPMD, NWA, e.b.+ Rakim, and everyone and on a subconscious level, everything from Sinatra to Beethoven or even Debussy.

Then I started listening to jazz (miles ESP, Headhunters, Coltrane ... w/ev) and i soon started to think that everything instrumental was jazz, and if it wasn't sung then it was Hiphop (Keidis, War) as if style wasn't an entity. My first band was in late '94 and it started as a fill in "we can do it" thursday night trio. then, we got good. then we blew a Sony carte' blanche mr. Bungle deal. then a self produced second CD.
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 And thats when I met Juan Carlos. I was fresh from bodyboarding O.B. and i was on a log playing guitar and beatboxing. i saw JCM (a strange bearded black clad stranger) way up on the dunes. i continued to play then he was sitting next to me. on my log as it were. He complimented me and played me a spanish love ballad. i wrote his number on a weird piece of paper. i finally called and was continually challenged, mostly spiritually. and asked to select Beats Per Min before each new "jam". we finally completed Triborg. some crazy shit. I love mr. Mendizabal and his Mom and friends and his dad who told me a long story in spanish that i finally understood in a way that was of the "impossible to explain in words" kind.




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