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Breakbeat Downtempo Alien Journey Music!
Psychedelic Ambient Dub Atmospheres
Remastered in 2006

A magical mix of live bass, electronic samples, electric guitar, heavily processed supersonic squeals and phat beats! Carefully designed ambient dub atmospheres suddenly breaking apart into raging cauldrons of electronically driven sonic explosions!

Our influences: Bill Laswell (of course!), Miles Davis (ala Bitches Brew), Jimi Hendrix, Lee Perry, Les Claypool, Eric Sermon, Diggable Planets.

A launching pad for further journeys into the world of Black Note.

Here's a fragment from an independent review of Triborg:

From Aural Innovations #35 (January 2007)

"...chilled out, experimental ambient music, but always with a beat in mind. But this is by no means beat driven or dance music. The very electronic rhythms exist to propel the both icy cool and warmly rich atmospheres along. While you get samples drifting in and out of the mix, and lots of electronics, unlike most music of this variety, Mendizabal and Stidham utilize some bass, guitar and piano as well. For example, you'd be hard-pressed to call Midnite in Tijuana "electronica" in the traditional sense, it's more reminiscent of (as the song's title plays around with) one of their stated influences, Miles Davis. But the song that follows, Migration, brings twittering electronics and robotic beats back into the fore, before adding some spicey latin rhythms. The album moves like this, never becoming predictable through its nine tracks. The rhythmic structures are creative, and seeded with intriguing atmospheres and mutant worldbeat elements, things get freaky and exotic quite often. Martian Gangster even throws in some spooky high-pitched theremin-like wails to inject a bit of interplanetary spookiness to the proceedings. For a genre that has overall, perhaps, peaked and seen better days, it's nice to hear some artists are still being creative and pushing it forward by expanding the idea of what ambient techno music can be."

Click here for the full original review.

From Wreck This Mess, Radio Patapoe, Amsterdam (February 2007)

"Between meditation, speculation, trance and paranoia."

Click here to go to Radio Patapoe

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