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Prospero - Freedom And The Process

12 tracks of delicate electronic noise and glitch coalescing into an ambient tapestry of melodic guitar and silvery experimental processing. A sound of the future, of the satiny dreams of mechanical things spiraling around an eternal core.

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Kyron - Sonic Mandalas

Mandalas have been employed by a variety of spiritual traditions to awaken the kernel of sanctity that lies dormant within all of the manifested universe. These Sonic Mandalas continue that tradition and may be used to focus attention and exercise pure consciousness in a trance state. They are also beautiful and enjoyable as pure musical experiences.

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Prospero - Fibonacci

The Fibonacci sequence of numbers has been connected to many natural phenomena, to ancient constructions and patterns of turbulence. It is also related to esoteric systems of Magick. The music in this CD is based on various translations and isomorphisms of this number sequence. From basic tuning and sound creation, to rhythmic patterns and melodies, everything you hear has a correspondence in the Fibonacci sequence.

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Kyron - Whims Vol 2

"Whims Vol 2", like its predecessor, was created in the manner that the title suggests, by following sudden bursts of creativity to their natural evolution. Through this process many more whims were suggested and new musical possibilities were discovered.

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RFCL - Treading Softly Against the Tide

The central thesis of this recording is the persistence of attention through transformation. Once a certain degree of will, care and intention have been put into a particular structure, this structure will carry these qualities through any series of mutations and rebirths. . A small sound structure (originating from a short improvisation session) is made to undergo a sequence of journeys and to inhabit alien spaces.

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The Lesser Ritual of Banishment

An esoteric musical setting of one the most useful ancient rituals of practical magic. The music has been carefully designed to magically enhance and contribute to the ritual.

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