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Kyron -
Whims Vol 2

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An Unpredictable Trip
into Subconscious
Psychedelic Electronica
A realm of luscious melodies,
rich ambient spaces and
pungent discordia

"Whims Vol 2" was created in the manner that the title suggests, by following sudden bursts of creativity to their natural evolution. Through this process, many more whims were suggested and new musical possibilities were discovered. The music travels across barriers of category, harmony and style, to find its own answers and questions. The listener is tantalized by tender melodies one moment and assaulted by intense electronica the next until there is no other recourse but to surrender to the pure nature of the "whim".

"Whims Vol 2" continues and expands on the exploration begun on  "Whims" a search for a  basic freedom of creation and imagination, that includes all aspects of the Black Note Music spectrum: minimalism, lush melody, sampling, noise, ambience, fusion, etc. The result is very approachable but also rewards repeated listening. There are many hidden treasures hiding beneath the surface.

Here's 2 sample MP3s fragment from the CD:

Sample 1

Sample 2

Here's what the critics are saying:

"Kyron takes trance induced pieces and explores what is possible, and what is not, and melds all of the ambiences created into a mindscape of music ready for the aspirant to explore.  Just let it take you where it takes you as the creator let it take him, and through this union find a path suited for the individual, even if it is diverse to the creator purpose, outlook, or assumption. Because in essence it is a trip on its own, out of everyone's hands, and hopefully becoming a planted concept in open minds. I find Whims electrifying and very earthy in its progression from beginning to end. And I also find it has a very fluent and crisp quality throughout its 15 tracks or phases. I also must praise the quality of the production, and also of the ideas of the phases themselves. Kyron is all this and it is very much what I like from electronic music. It is a project that I would like to hear more from in the future."

From Aural Innovations
Full review here

"This is boldly experimental which draws on minimalistic exploratory power and non-conventional track structuring. Unlike so many experimental albums, this one doesn't rely on simply repetitive hooks to make its point. These are completely textured tracks which evolve as they progress, keeping them interesting and worth more intensive listening. The moods evoked on this disc are all over the map, from hypnotic ambience to nightmarish soundscapes. Innovative, smart, groovy!"

Full Review here

Music created, mixed and deconstructed by Kyron

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