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Prospero - Freedom And The Process

12 tracks of delicate electronic noise and glitch coalescing into an ambient tapestry of melodic guitar and silvery experimental processing. A sound of the future, of the satiny dreams of mechanical things spiraling around an eternal core.

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Prospero - Between Spinning Nothing

Coiled surprise lightly glistening on the other side of closed doors. 16 ambient experimental electronic tracks lead you through rippling shining unforgiving tumultuous insistent will, half heard before waking.

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Projective Module

Projective Module
That And Nothing Else...

That star that your eye lingers upon and adores tonight may be only a loving sigh issued forth by a flaming orb in a remote distant past. From their own perception and interpretation of these celestial footprints in the abyss, three immortal descendants of the primordial Mother and Queen of the Heavens bring you Projective Module, the sound of those sighs and once whispered endearments.

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Kyron x Griddle -
City Made of Teeth

Like patches of fabric introduced to one another through the matrix of a quilt, each track stands apart from the others and in harmony with its neighbors. Together they create a haunting electroacoustic view of a futuristic urban maze, a sonic tour of A City Made Of Teeth.

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Kyron - Sonic Mandalas

Mandalas have been employed by a variety of spiritual traditions to awaken the kernel of sanctity that lies dormant within all of the manifested universe. These Sonic Mandalas continue that tradition and may be used to focus attention and exercise pure consciousness in a trance state. They are also beautiful and enjoyable as pure musical experiences.

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Kyron - Dark Goddess

From inner space to outer space, through the organic swamps of subconscious creation into bright and burning cosmic ecstasy, Dark Goddess grips you in its fierce talons and wails into existence without inhibition. Electronic soundscapes that conjure cyberpunk images give way to organic beats, croaking, and mirthful debauchery.

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Kyron- Morpho Genex

Starting from a raw melting pot of free improvisations, strange ideas and twisted logic, Kyron carefully sculpts and deconstructs nights of unbridled musical passion into finely detailed jewels of sonic thought and inmaterial architecture. The result is an uninterrupted flow of contrasting moods, mathematical structures, explosive joy and deep pools of ecstasy...

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Trip Tech - SLIDE

Trip Tech inhales the sacred old air of the Delta blues and soaks it in a fresh bath of dark ambient atmospheres and IDM beats. The slide guitar flows right in, as if the two poles were merely imaginary creations of a brain seeking clear categories. Beyond the brain, the sounds interweave and become pure music, folk electronica, ambient blues...

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Kyron - Whims Vol 2

"Whims Vol 2", like its predecessor, was created in the manner that the title suggests, by following sudden bursts of creativity to their natural evolution. Through this process many more whims were suggested and new musical possibilities were discovered.

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Prospero - Fibonacci

The Fibonacci sequence of numbers has been connected to many natural phenomena, to ancient constructions and patterns of turbulence. It is also related to esoteric systems of Magick. The music in this CD is based on various translations and isomorphisms of this number sequence. From basic tuning and sound creation, to rhythmic patterns and melodies, everything you hear has a correspondence in the Fibonacci sequence.

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Kyron - Persistence of Secrets

Kyron takes the raw maelstrom that is "Trip Tech - Children of the Secret" and goes on a quest to explore the infinite world of nuance, reference and association that hides beneath it.  The new pieces are recklessly experimental yet strangely approachable in nature, sometimes veering towards a recognizable style before alien harmonies or rhythms disrupt that promise.

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Trip Tech - Silent Apocalypse

Trip Tech takes a ride into the further reaches of dream reality, where our fears get confused with our wildest desires to form moving and complex realms of hyper conscious life. Dark post-ambient spaces touching on the past (The Orb, Brian Eno, Namlook) to propel forcefully into a surprising future.

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Kyron - KAOS Drone

"KAOS Drone" is an hour long single piece that starts from a deep drone and explores it and develops it through a long series of creative jumps and subtle touches. Human voices chanting forgotten shamanic invocations meld with post modern synths locked into polyrhythmic patters which give way to...

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Kyron - Whims 1

"Whims" was created in the manner that the title suggests, by following sudden bursts of creativity to their natural evolution. Through this process many more whims were suggested and new musical possibilities were discovered.

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Kyron - Spaces

A magical collection of ambient pieces, ranging from dark wave ambient to melancholic downtempo to electro-minimalism. All the pieces flow into each other creating an uninterrupted sequence of altered spaces.

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Children of the Secret

Now available at stores nationwide!

A musical gift for those travelers who yearn to learn the secrets that lie beneath the veil...

"...shattered all your preconceived ideas of electronic music."  (Steve-O)BPM Magazine

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Solar Shop v2

Clear and beautiful electronica. Following on the footsteps of Solar Shop, we continue with our original mission: "to open up the genre of electronica and explore the limits of possibility..."

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Modus Operandi

An abstract all instrumental mode of operation. Clever rhythmic core juxtaposed with psychoactive melodies.
The minimalism of this record is thus far unique for it's creators.
It is beautiful in it's simplicity and complex in it's energy.

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Zelda and Roland

Zelda and Roland find themselves once again in their eternal struggle, the soft chaotic infinity that is her and the localized precise point that is him.  A long,flowing stream of music and sound (over 50 minutes) that was created to be the background for esoteric or spiritual work. Created for, and with the help of, Menlo Mcfarlane.

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Kyron - Klav 1

Deep strong basses lifting splashes of liquid sound. Lush harmonies flowing under and over delicate pieces of melody. Solid jungle beats colliding with dispersals of sound. This is the one you’ve been waiting for!

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Cortex Burn

An exploration of the limits of sound and imagination, a companion for voyages into other dimensions. Warning: This is extreme electronica! As uncompromising as it is detailed.

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Chimps in Space

Hardcore Trance Inducing Music - A subtle exploration of the roots of our consciousness and our desires, coupled with a need for a journey beyond the limits of the "normal" and into the outer fringes of rationality.

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Solar Shop

You will flow into soundscapes that encompass trance, new age, drum'n'bass and ambient. You will dance to electronic rhythms learned from indigenous peoples and from random patterns transposed from unknown sources!

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