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That And

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Electronic pulses and melodies
called down
from the sky
A sonic revelation

Those creatures persecuted by cruel Immortals have been memorialized by yet others in the placement of stars. The stars themselves were sung into being by Tiga Sern to fill the darkness with a few little lights to amuse her shadowy children, The Twelve Immortals.

Like so many marbles scattered upon a linoleum floor she sang the stars into being for those children to play with and so they did, arranging around them other dark orbs to feed off the great radiance of those primal stars in order to breed a multitude of smaller play things upon their round surfaces.
Thus they made creatures to both love and condemn and did so avidly with great relish.
In time, to enjoy their games even better, they descended to these worlds and occupied themselves for eons in those ways most suitable to their individual dispositions.
In one of these games Koraque, the Ninth Immortal, who loved to wield the substance of noise as much as his great Mother, found upon a warm wet little orb his sisters Xante, the Fifth Immortal and Lu, the Third. Upon this spherical game board, dressed in gowns of flesh and bone, they found a new diversion.

Formulated via a process of juxtaposing the relationships between the stars of those constellations visible from their position in the universe with the relationships of selected tones and their frequency, they created a series of melodic journeys.

This tribute to the night sky and infinite imagination they called Projective Module.

Among those arrangements of stars which they chose to reinvent they included those positioned in the likeness of the eagle, the dove, the fox, the greater dog, the peacock, and the crane as well as Xante’s favored pet, the many headed water serpent, the dragon, the winged horse, the centaur, and the unicorn. Lastly they included the enemies of these creatures; the shield, the net, and the arrow.

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