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Etanna grew up in a grass field surrounded by poisonous flowers under the shadow of the Ortega Mountains in California. Her father played caustic guitar and often lulled Etanna and her younger sister to sleep with old protest songs and popular folk and rock music.

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It was during one of these bedtime serenades that he played James Taylor’s "Fire and Rain", strumming the chords and singing it as he had on countless nights before. Unexpectedly the young Etanna heard and understood the words for the first time;

"I've seen fire and I've seen rain
I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end
I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
But I always thought that I'd see you again."

In those words she realized mortality, the cyclical nature of existence. The unavoidable promise of separation and death loomed over everyone she loved.

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She cried.

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In High School Etanna picked up her Dad’s guitar and started learning to play. She was one of three girls in a guitar class full of show off boys. To escape the embarrassment of her musical ineptitude she began creating and performing simple comedic tunes.

She was soon a one man girl act; "One little Kitty". Playing her songs and offering advertising space to the "real" bands on her arms and face paid for lunch.

Eventually she befriended a boy with a guitar who could play much better than she, and together with a friend they formed a band, "L.E.P."

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They played in a coffee house and made less then wretched quality recordings on cassettes in a bathroom using an old boombox. These tapes were popular with their grandmothers.

Etanna was deeply influenced by watching "The Yellow Submarine" as a youngster. We are still seeing the effects of prolonged exposure to this animated work of art in her aberrant consciousness. She loves performing and creating. She delights in packing up Black Note titles and mailing them to you, and vows to stand against Blue Meanies everywhere by helping give the music back to the people. For Etanna, participating in creative projects is an act of defiance.

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Etanna now collaborates with other Black Note Artists in a variety of creative projects.
She maintains that we are all made of sound.

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You can visit Etanna on Tribe at:

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