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Matthew Shapiro aka"Samael"

Who is Matthew Shapiro?

Sometimes he's Samael, an alter-ego construct of a point before disaster, an old name, a source of Milton potentiality, and a being led down a bend
sinister (i.e. a left s) to his future.  He says "hi."

Most of the time, he's not.

Most of the time, he's in San Francisco, where he knew, in 1996 when he first visited, he'd be back.  But, somtimes, he's in Gainesville, Florida. He lives on two coasts, leads two lives.  He wouldn't have it any other way, as he is wont to fill his life with as much as he can.  Of what? Everything.

He was born in Miami, eagerly adopted at birth.  He listened to his parent's music collection of both classical and contemporary (well, circa 1950's-1960's) and show tunes.  It remains to be seen if this has substantially warped him.  His mother also played on the piano, and he fell in love with the instrument (he already loved his mom and dad very much).
After a humiliating stab at trying out for an instrumental group in 4th grade (and a failed attempt at learning guitar, 'cos it was "cooler"), he devoted himself that summer to learning how to read music and play.  He came back the next year and confidently tried out for the same group and succeeded.  With honors.   Humiliation is a way to learn.  Not a fun way, but it works.

Fast forward to the 1990's.  He played on and off for many years in between, but nothing remarkable (relevant to that part of his life) happened.  He always wanted a computer as he was growing up (the poor, poor child; no hope of cool, ever), and finally got one. 
So energized, he began to write songs, at last able to record and put down the other parts he heard in his brain. But the keyboard wasn't enough.  So he bought a bigger one.  Got better
software, and made more.
But that wasn't enough.  He joined Jacare, a Brazilian Percussion group and learned some amazing stuff.  He met the talented and motivated Wadeva and formed a "chakra-rock" band called Seraphim.  He put out an album that was years ahead of its time.  He met another incredible musician, Charlie McWhorter and joined Visitor, a space-pop-rock band that would turn your head, right before it twisted it off and freed it to play on the Moon.   


Then another half of his life showed up, and he started working in California.   And living in Gainesville.  And working in California.  Etc.
At some point, he met Ki-Rin, ne้ Juan Carlos, a kindred spirit in the playful nature of Melipomine.  And the rocking has not stopped since. 

a sure sign he's cracking is the fact that he's a devoted astrology student, hence this chart.  He invites any discussion you may have about the field, but, please, don't encourage him.

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He says "hi" too.

Visit Matthew's Home Page!


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