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Lydia’s powerful love of sound can be rationally traced to a couple sources, although the true beginnings before her memory began are more difficult to explain.

She clearly remembers finding her parents old Beatles albums at the age of ten and they were the door to another world for her and started her on a new path…the Lydia that is here today.

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At the local record shop, she began buying all manner of freedom rock: the birds, bob dylan, crosby, stills, nash and young…the searching words and sometimes painfully beautiful melancholic notes touched her deeply inside and spoke to a feeling that still resides in her chest center.

As he did for many westerners, George Harrison gave her the gift of the sitar. With her expanding awareness of the variety of rhythms, notes and instruments from each continent and culture, the world opened up for her.

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Music was her bridge- to places and people…it was sound that initially sparked her interest in travel, world culture, and textiles.

She formed theories in her young mind that the music she felt most connected to were places her soul had once lived and/or traveled. She saw herself as an old nomad from India, eastern Europe, the Balkans, the middle east and north Africa…having spent time in the area known as Mali and Morocco.

These philosophies attempted to help her understand why she would dance alone in her room, laughing while tears ran down her cheeks.

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As she matured, she experimented with movements in many ways. Taking belly dance and other dance techniques.

She now loves the freedom in creative expression, without the umbrella of a particular dance style….a blending of all regions and traditional styles into pure expression.

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She can often be found in her room, making love to sounds. Rolling on the ground and being pushed by a force or memory that defies explanation.

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