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Sean Fenn a.k.a. Kreed DuChat

Acid gave me the name "Kreed DuChat". When spoken, it sounds like "cry of the cat" in French. Maybe it is because the cat is my power animal. Maybe it is escapism. Maybe I prefer to create my own self outside of what my parents named me.

My parents raised me as a "Christian". But I am only part of the Cosmic Root; the origin of all consciousness. I am just a spirit in a shell. I'm not bound by some rediculous man-made religion. I do feel passionate about the Other reality (what is beyond) - as if it were religion. That is another reason I am Kreed; it is a play on "creed". No, not the stupid rock band; the word means, "a statement of religeous belief". And just for the record, this name was given to me in 1995. I was 20 years old and metamorphosing.

I will now exit the first person and have my story told by a historian:

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As He grew up on this planet, Creed noticed that He was different from other children.  While other kids were playing football, He had His thoughts on outer space and rock-and-roll. In his teens, Creed formed a band or two. With the first band, Heart's Desire, He tried to change the world in the way a rock band could. With the second band, Dashboard Marys, He tried also to change the world. One thing about these two bands: they were Christian rock bands. 
He performed under the name Sean Allen. He tried to save those who were going to Hell. He eventually learned that this was dumb. He also began questioning the existence of God.

He changed his name to Creed DuChat after his sweet sister gave him the idea. He created a new band named Quajita. This band was a disturbing Gothic band whose goal was to go as far away as possible from Dashboard Mary's alternative Christian rock and into a God-forsaken blasphemous rock-and-roll disaster. This band clearly could not have much success.
This evolved into an industrial band named Cybersmack. They recorded an E.P. (Another Needle in the Track) and performed with such bands as Kevorkian Death Cycle, Hate Dept., My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, and others. They had much fun until Industrial music became less popular. Cybersmack went on permanent hiatus.

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Over a year later, Kreed has moved from the L.A. area to San Francisco. He meets Juan Carlos Mendizabal (Kyron / Ki-rin) through the internet. Juan Carlos is the mastermind mysterious shamanistic computer musician behind Black Note Music. Kreed and Juan create such curiosities as Ether Bunny and Modus Operandi, which evolve into TRIP_TECH by the year 2000. Kreed DuChat continues to try to change the world in the strange way that music can.

Click here and visit Creed at his own web site!

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"sing while you may"


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