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Rick Perko aka"Vergot"

From the Emerald city of grunge and caffeine addicts I made the move to San Francisco. That was fifteen years ago and things have never been the same since. But you probably don't want to hear all about that. You are more likely curious about the faces behind these strange soundscapes and mechanical beats that could be bouncing off your eardrums ( if, of course, you exchange some of your hard earned cash for one of our precious documents of sonic experimentation).
First it was recorder lessons, then piano and finally to the guitar I was always a sucker for music, either home made or store bought. In the early teens it was KISS that fueled my fury for loud sounds (remember we are talking '76 or '77 here). Ace Frehley rocked! My first jump into the vinyl market was when I joined the Columbia Record Club and got 12 records for 1 cent. I remember getting 5 KISS records, 3 Aerosmith Records, Stevie Wonders 'Songs in the Key of Life" and some other ones in the mail one day. That was so cool!

When I was in high school I saw this local band perform in our gym. That was the first time I saw anyone playing electric guitar. I was blown away and decided that I would teach myself guitar. I got one of those cassette and book methods and played along with the simple arrangements. One day I bought an electric guitar. A Seville. I wired up my KMart amp to produce some weird distortions and I was ready to rock!


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at the piano the early years

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80's acoustic improv

During those years my fav band was by far The Clash. Not only was no one in my suburb listening to them (too busy headbangin) but they were so cool and punk and even melodic at times.

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Rock On!

Sometime down the line the heavy program of practicality kicked in and I stopped dreaming of being a performing musician. I got sidetracked for a few years but eventually made my way back to the music by getting a degree in Audio Production from the San Francisco State U. That was great working in their recording studio and doing mixing and studio things.

After a year I decided it was time to take the music to the next level and so I enrolled in the music program at San Francisco State U. Initially I though composition might interest me but I soon became fascinated with the guitar once again. My guitar teacher, Saul Gropman, was great. He let me choose the pieces I was interested in and really supportive. By the end I was practicing three or four hours a day for my Senior recital. Some day I will take that off the cassette tape and put it on a CD, and maybe you could even buy it!

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The serious musician at work

During the years of music schooling I met fellow music maker Juan Carlos. Neither being big talkers we spent most of our early time together conversing in the language of music. And still do, we just happen to record it now. After college we ventured off to Europe, two guys with two guitars. We played on the streets of Germany and the coasts of Spain and had a great time. Even made some change while we were at it!

Over the years Juan has built up the technical capabilities of Black Note Studios to where it stands today. Its magnetic center is just beginning to warm up and attract those interested in using the magic of sound to access dimensions unexplored and uncharted. You too can join this vast army of sonic explorers of the 21st Century by purchasing a CD (or even better collaborating with us on making one)!

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Until the day when music makes us all independently wealthy I make my living working in gardens. The fresh air, the sun, the sky. I vow never to be trapped in a cubicle again. The music of plants is always inspiring for me. My wife and I run a business together, Breaking Ground Landscape Designs ,  Juan and I get together two or three times a week to keep the music alive, bringing new people into the Black Note Studios and trying to keep an open mind towards sound and the nature of the all resounding beat!

Now that you know something about Vergot why not hear what he sounds like on CD! Go ahead buy one! Don't be shy!

Visit the Alternate History of Vergot!

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