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Kyron -
Fin de Etapa

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An unpredictable
episodic musical
voyage through a tale of magic, friendship and sorrow
What is closer is always harder to see...

"Fin de Etapa" is a very intimate and personal story told through a sequence of musical and pure sound pieces in a great variety of styles (ambient, krautrock, prog, glitch, dub and raw uncompromising noise). The main unifying factor is the ongoing storyline as it is told through samples taken from voice messages. The music sometimes reinforces and sometimes contrasts the content and mood of the voices. A strong current of pure, raw emotion is the foundation for the whole chaotic and extremely unpredictable construction. The voice dives and swims into the overpowering waves of sound sometimes emerging reborn and covered in new meanings.

Here's an independent review from Aural Innovations:

From Aural Innovations #33 (March 2006)

"If anyone knows Kyron then I'm sure that you're gonna love the new release! I have been waiting to see what sort of sound a new release would have. I hoped that it would be strange, ambient, colourful, cinematic, creative, and, just as the other two CD's that I have heard, I hoped that I would be in for another journey through my inner universe. And ya know what? That is exactly what it is. And ya know another thing? It is totally different from what has gone before. Which to me is another thing that I had hoped. Meaning, that I hoped Kyron would move forward creatively instead of treading old ground, and this is exactly what he has done.

The CD clocks in at over an hour, so I guess that your head's in for a pounding. This time there are drums, bass, and guitar on a few tracks, whereas before the tracks were mostly synthesizer-induced epics which I liked a lot. But this time around it is more in the sampled voice loop, possibly slight drum & bass, but not overdone, as well as the synthesizer ambience. It is another journey. It is very mellow, hypnotic, and the flow of the tracks certainly does suck you in without much persuasion. It is what you could term a further experiment into sound. The ideas are very creative in nature, and to give a gist of sound, it is occasionally a rocking experience, in a heavy progressive sort of way, very spacey and quite a fresh approach to the genre. On the other hand, it is occasionally a jazz woodbine moment, like drinking coffee alone in a dark shady café. Moody jazz is I think what I mean to say. Which also is very spacey and interesting. On the whole it is another Black Note gem. Need I say anymore?"

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Music created, mixed and deconstructed by Kyron

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