Until It Finally Disappears

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A joyful cry of pure electronica mingled with touches of dub and glitch
The ecstatic voice of a malformed race given one last chance

Koraque, Xante, and Lu, three of the immortal children of Tiga Sern, amused themselves for some time on an old dying world inhabited by mud people they had fashioned in their infancy. It was a crude world and they were only very rudimentary life forms that had been slopped together in a passionate moment of play by inexperienced creators. After a visit with their mother, the three immortals stumbled upon their old forgotten game and settled down for a nostalgic visit, aware that this world would soon be no more.

They invited all of their mud people to come and make music with them. Xante built instruments which could function as voices for the mud people, who had no natural capacity for speech or song. Koraque composed twelve pieces of music to embody the spirit of the people and their world. He then instructed and conducted them in the art of music making while Lu showed them how to dance.

They warned the mud people that the end was near and taught them music to endow them with a means for traveling beyond their own hastily made forms and decaying world.

These are the twelve compositions taught to the mud people by the three immortals. In our world they have manifested as a kind of electronica with a glitchy dub undertow that refuses to be nailed down. It is music to be played “Until It Finally Disappears.” as all things eventually will.

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