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The sound of
claustrophic spaces,
forgotten memories
and recurring dreams
Even when broken and discarded, the music boxes continue to sing...

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This CD is the result of a collaboration with Carlos Cartagena, a visual, multimedia and installation artist from El Salvador, residing in California. Carlos approached me with the "music boxes" that he had created: a collection of small, fragile magical artifacts rescued from the refuse of his own life and of other lives. The old boxes have been transformed into shamanic expressions of time, memory and the potentiality of change. I took the sounds of the boxes, the basic themes and some of Carlos' poetry and used it as basic material for a series of sound collages that are designed to interact with the boxes (being played where the boxes are exhibited) but which can also stand on their own as a purely "musical"/"shamanic" experience.

Here is what Carlos has to say about his creations:

"I began to look for small objects among my possessions, for elements that constitute my past, ingredients that reveal what I am made of as an individual, but also as a social being. This type of composition inside boxes had been appearing as a component in some of my paintings since 1996, as an attempt to infuse my artwork with music and a sense of time. Other emotional dimensions that emerge from this fusion are: longing, dreams, desire for completion, hope, commitment to new beginnings, capacity for forgiveness, and many questions.

The result of these explorations is some strange machines and my own version of "music boxes"; several of them even incorporate the musical elements from real music boxes, but with some of the teeth bent or missing, thus forcing people to fill in the gaps with their own minds when the elements are activated."

Carlos Cartagena
October 2001

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