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Devious intent  coated in silky electronic noise -
your passport into the unknown.
Dark ambience accented with driving beats and lucid vocals.

"Radio Free Clear Light- Live at Godspeed" was recorded during a ritual performance in Oakland, California in July 2007. Here, the usual suspects gathered to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting ears of the Bay Area Swan Collective along with other poets, the steel horse artists and patrons of Godspeed.

Kyron’s live electronic improv was augmented by the driving beats provided by Jim Sienkiewicz and the vocal improvisations of Etanna Zak and Lydia Harari. The result is a sound just smooth enough to swallow, laced with a seductive krautrock bite, subtly reminiscent of Can.

Born in the moment, each track documents a unique chamber within the ritual space. Sometimes ambient and reflective, sometimes drilled with body rocking beats, this is music that travels from point to point, playing like a motion picture soundtrack. The transitions are so smooth it’s hard to tell when one track ends and another starts.

Haunting vocals, tribal beats, space age blip, and sinister loops give musical expression to high experience with all of its horror and delight. Captured for you on this 50 min disc is the dungeon like atmosphere of Godspeed transformed by the demented beauty that lived there for one night, before slipping away into the dark in search of a new host.

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An independent review from Heathen Harvest:

So what’s the music like? It’s actually quite good, a mix of atmospheric ritual ambient electronics and loops, hip-swaying tribal percussion and voices, weaving together in a beguilingly hypnotic harmony.  Moods range from the distinctly unsettling and unnerving to the cosmic and uplifting, with everything in between; there’re even moments when you’ll want to get up out of your chair and do some shuffling and swaying on the dancefloor.  It’s immediately apparent that these musicians work extremely well together, nothing clashes, disrupts or interrupts; all the tracks progress and develop smoothly and logically, with the transitions between each piece utterly natural and without pause from beginning to end.
Consequently this is one of those rarities; it’s actually going on my very short list of good live albums.

Click here for the full review.

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