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Radio Free Clear Light: The Image and the Real

An Interactive Live Performance at L’s café

Mission Arts and Performance Project: April 7th, 2007

Some called it a pagan ritual, others described it as avant-garde.

But it would be difficult and unnecessary to categorize or define a RFCL event.

What occurred defies language, yet in all that saw even a glimpse, it evoked a response.

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Radio Free Clear Light, the experimental performance troupe, once again managed to scare, welcome and challenge the community of the Mission District and participants in MAPP.

The smell of burnt sage blended with the aroma of coffee beans, the beats of the drums mingled with the whistle of the steam nozzle, whipping milk into foam.

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Although subtle, these details are essential for RFCL. Their aim is to work fluidly within any space, using all available objects, sounds, and people to create a living, breathing, and ever-changing art installation.

L’s Café had been transformed.

With all the tables and chairs removed, a gallery-like space was formed.

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The lone red wall had been divided into two sides by a thick piece of black ribbon.

On the left were photos and text that represented the Real, on the right were photos and text depicting the Image.

Along the shelf, which was also divided, was a 2D installation.

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RFCL created emotional dialog within L’s café and on the street outside, not using words, but sounds and movements to communicate. 

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For three hours, Etanna and Istra used their movements and bodies to speak.

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With eye contact and subtle gestures, they beckoned passersby on 24th St., inviting them to enter the space.

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Many people stood outside on the street, staring in through the window, unwilling to enter. 

For sure, the music and sounds Kyron orchestrated were loud and dark, experimental and sometimes bordering on noise.

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The sounds of screaming and loud, constant beats could be heard for blocks.

Electronic software provided the underlying beats and drones, while Jim Sienkiewicz beat out acoustic rhythms, adding layers to the already intricate musical web.

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As a general rule, Kyron and RFCL aim to integrate the audience into the music.

To allow for this, they bring microphones, noisemakers, and various instruments.

People are encouraged to sing, make noise, poetry, anything and everything is regarded as music and sound.

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To help facilitate participation throughout the night, Etanna and Istra guided people to the microphone and handed out tambourines, small drums, maracas, bells, and bottles filled with nails or beans.

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Some passersby shook their heads, walking away quickly from the beckoning and elaborately costumed female hosts.

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Some entered shyly, standing against the wall and slowly coaxed into dancing, and yet others walked straight to the microphone.

Everyone added to the space; even the man in the corner who yelled "Jesus loves you, go to church!"

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Because the attendants are an essential element of the music and the space, each RFCL event is, by definition, unique and unrepeatable. This event marks the start of a new series.

Please contact us if you would like to participate in any way.

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