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Radio Free Clear Light Art Exhibit

ORE Projectz
December, 2007

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The burgeoning Ore Projektz gallery hosted an opening reception for the exhibition
entitled “Untitled I.”

A noisy chatter filled the cozy room while still providing ample space for artistic viewing.  

Radio Free Clear Light, along with four other Bay Area artists, showed their recent work  to the visitors and residents of North Beach.

The collections were varied:
realistic photography, nude drawings,
ceramic and wood sculptures,
and up-for-interpretation processed photography.

This attested to the cooperative spirit of Ore Projektz, once an artist flophouse in the 60’s,
now  it seeks to create an artistic collective
and community within the gallery.

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The Radio Free Clear Light pieces were processed photography, all part of the collection "In Search of the Ordinary".

Each piece was created following strict processes which combine collective work with random decisions.

The basic material comes from photographs of specific corners in the Sunset District of San Francisco. (To view the complete collection, visit: "All Hail Discodia".)

Among the joys of showing art is the opportunity to hear the interpretations of  the work by new viewers.

There was a young woman fascinated by a particular piece. She saw a topographical map, something seemingly 2D, but, with increased attention and imagination, completely 3D.

She imagined a great moving voyage, a ship that was momentarily on land, but, moving towards water. She smiled as she spoke, electrified and animated as her words tumbled forward, her being physically moved by her connection to the work.

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This was the great gift of the evening, when the process of Radio Free Clear Light came full circle, awakening the unnamable within a person, affecting them and us, using our work in unpredictable ways.

At the time of creation, she was unknown to us, but we worked for her. And, somewhere in Colorado, many years ago, where she learned to read maps, she worked for us.

Last night, in the fog of a San Francisco evening,
it was all very clear for an instant.

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