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Web of Words
An Interactive Language Installation

Radio Free Clear Light

An Interactive Live Performance as part of MAPP

June 4, 2011

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A pink bicycle with flowers, stained glass, a wall of jasmine. A flower connects to a mother, a pyramid to a grandmother, a book to a son, a bike to a father.

We go deeper, taking a word, a single word and peeling back its layers, exposing the psycho emotional connections each person has with a particular word. Words lead to memories and memories to words, thickening the web.

Awash in color and sound, our faces mingling, our stories intersecting, it becomes clear that we are not as unique as we think. We are one tangled web of humanity, dipping into the well of the subconscious mind. Our parents, their grandparents, those from whom we have inherited the words, these are the central figures in our stories. And death, death waits at the end of a ball of yarn.

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A seemingly benign word, yarn, or string, and yet it makes its way into that moment with the dying cat held in your lap, and under the cat’s paw the string leads on to the parents who neglected you. Flow and risk, that is what it’s about.

You hit the nail on the head while Keith wails on the clarinet,
Matt hammers on the piano,
Colin plucks at his strings.

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His strings which at this moment are guitar strings. Strings which lead back to a funeral and you wearing orange among the legions of mourners and your grandmother throwing herself into the grave, laying over your grandfathers coffin wailing while you laugh.

Another you comes in and looks around, can’t understand the connection. Where is the music coming from? From all of us, from you, I want you to get as relaxed as you can get in this space at this time. I want you to think of a moment that you remember very clearly.

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Tell me the story of that moment. That moment when you picked up the suitcase and walked away and no one knew where you were going. All over Europe you wandered and when you finally picked up the phone and called home Mother wept and begged to know why you left without a word.

Without a word. We go deeper. You find your son as a child on the beach and take his hand walking him into the pink sunrise. Your hope, your dream, embedded in the words; that your son will rise. A beautiful pink and gold sunrise. Wow, you laugh nervously, amazed.

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Then you drift away and another yourself fills your place. Stories mingle and melt in a wash of color that blazes over our skins. Our words become music, leaving our bodies to fly far away.

A pink bicycle with flowers, stained glass, a wall of jasmine. A flower connects to a mother, a pyramid to a grandmother, a book to a son, a bike to a father.

We go deeper, taking a word, a single word and peeling back its layers, exposing the myriad of associations that blossom from a single solitary utterance, watching the invisible connections rise glittering to the surface.

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Hosted by Sara Powell at Kaleidoscope Free Speech Zone

Keith Yates - clarinet, saxaphone
Colin Hamilton - electric guitar
Max Abelev - video Mixing
Michael Fong - video footage
Radio Free Clear Light - video editing


Lydia Harari
Etanna Sack
Alex Chinchilla

Juan Carlos Mendizabal aka Kyron - 
laptop looping, mixing, deconstruction, installation design

Thanks to:

Marc Gonazales, Jesse Mosher, and all the participants that lent your voice,
attention and energy.  We created this together.  We hope we cross paths again.

Loosely inspired by the magickal instructional manual "Web of Words."
Available at

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