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Kyron - Fin de Etapa

An intimate and mysterious storyline strewn together from lost voice messages and other raw recordings, dipped into a wide array of musical styles. A strong current of pure, raw emotion is the foundation for the whole chaotic and extremely unpredictable construction. The voice dives and swims into the overpowering waves of sound sometimes emerging reborn and covered in new meanings.

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Kyron- Morpho Genex

Starting from a raw melting pot of free improvisations, strange ideas and twisted logic, Kyron carefully sculpts and deconstructs nights of unbridled musical passion into finely detailed jewels of sonic thought and inmaterial architecture. The result is an uninterrupted flow of contrasting moods, mathematical structures, explosive joy and deep pools of ecstasy...

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Trip Tech - SLIDE

Trip Tech inhales the sacred old air of the Delta blues and soaks it in a fresh bath of dark ambient atmospheres and IDM beats. The slide guitar flows right in, as if the two poles were merely imaginary creations of a brain seeking clear categories. Beyond the brain, the sounds interweave and become pure music, folk electronica, ambient blues...

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RFCL - Mobius Stream

The "Mobius Stream" flows from a formless sequence of improv sessions involving Paul and JC. The duo approached the music with no preconceptions and allowed all their previous influences and any furtive new visions to meld into a recurring flow of creation.

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Ion Evo - Troopers

The latest in the Ion Evo series, featuring deep dub bass lines, afrocuban rhythms side by side with smooth jungle and hip hop beats, the shining guitar work of Doug Cameron, the complex beats of Kreed and the shifting harmonies of JC's keyboard.

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Ion Evo - On a Path of Rainbows

Ion Evo in its most beautifully melodic form yet!  A continuation and a deeper penetration of the approach started on "Rebirth". Many pieces include multilayer classical arrangements as well as bluesy guitar and sharp hip-hop beats.  This is music that won't fit into any predetermined genre... but will be just right for open minds and ears who are hungry for imagination and color!

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Ion Evo - Rebirth

Ion Evo returns in a brand new form - a reinvention of our style and approach. We keep the raw energy of shamanic invocation featured in our first CD but add sophisticated composition and mixing techniques.

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Carefully designed ambient dub atmospheres suddenly breaking apart into raging cauldrons of electronically driven sonic explosions!

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An adventure into the heart of nowhere. A place where beats reside in harmony with dissonance and waves of synthetic distortion. A place near the center where the eye of the hurricane is quiet and all is one.

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Ion Evo

featuring Master Drummer Dru Kristel

A post modern fusion of ancient principles with the latest instruments - this one is full of alien sounds and earthy drumming.

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Solar Shop

You will flow into soundscapes that encompass trance, new age, drum'n'bass and ambient. You will dance to electronic rhythms learned from indigenous peoples and from random patterns transposed from unknown sources!

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