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Kyron - Union

Union began as a live recording of a wedding ceremony held in Yosemite National Park. Samples were extracted from the wedding ritual as well as from the wealth of nature to be found in Yosemite. The babbling of a brook, the wind in the trees, the voice of the rabbi... a variety of elements were brought together to create the astounding 28 tracks that became Union.

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Kyron - Doorways

A dive into dark waters, into unexplored territories at the outer fringes of consciousness. "Doorways" opens up into subtle spaces that evolve and spiral through your mind in unpredictable patterns. A pure dark electronic ambient exploration, it demands your full attention and rewards it with forbidden sonic caresses from the forgotten corners of reality.

"...a 65-minute long apocalyptic score for a lovely psychological horror trip." Phosphor Magazine

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Kyron - Fin de Etapa

An intimate and mysterious storyline strewn together from lost voice messages and other raw recordings, dipped into a wide array of musical styles. A strong current of pure, raw emotion is the foundation for the whole chaotic and extremely unpredictable construction. The voice dives and swims into the overpowering waves of sound sometimes emerging reborn and covered in new meanings.

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Kyron - KAOS Drone

"KAOS Drone" is an hour long single piece that starts from a deep drone and explores it and develops it through a long series of creative jumps and subtle touches. Human voices chanting forgotten shamanic invocations meld with post modern synths locked into polyrhythmic patters which give way to...

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Kyron - Music Boxes

Carlos approached me with the "music boxes" that he had created: a collection of small, fragile magical artifacts rescued from the refuse of his own life and of other lives. The old boxes have been transformed into shamanic expressions of time, memory and the potentiality of change. I took the sounds of the boxes, the basic themes and some of Carlos' poetry and used it as basic material for a series of sound collages...

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Kyron - Spaces

A magical collection of ambient pieces, ranging from dark wave ambient to melancholic downtempo to electro-minimalism. All the pieces flow into each other creating an uninterrupted sequence of altered spaces.

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Kyron - Canciones Prohibidas

"Canciones Prohibidas" means "Forbidden Songs" and this is a challenging ambient journey into very dark and forbidden regions of the collective memory of a whole country: El Salvador. In the 1980s terror visited this little Central American country. Most of the world has never heard what really happened...

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Children of the Secret

Now available at stores nationwide!

A musical gift for those travelers who yearn to learn the secrets that lie beneath the veil...

"...shattered all your preconceived ideas of electronic music."  (Steve-O)BPM Magazine

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Zelda and Roland

Zelda and Roland find themselves once again in their eternal struggle, the soft chaotic infinity that is her and the localized precise point that is him.  A long,flowing stream of music and sound (over 50 minutes) that was created to be the background for esoteric or spiritual work. Created for, and with the help of, Menlo Mcfarlane.

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Jungle Monkeys

A Shamanic Journey Backwards, Forwards and Sideways though the Depths of Time. An attempt at refocusing our point of view, from a limited present to an unthinkable stretch of history!

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The Massacre of El Mozote

A 45 minute long electroacoustic piece that aims at going beyond the statistics and the rhetoric towards a fuller understanding (mental, emotional and physical) of what happened at El Mozote (possibly the greatest massacre in the modern history of Latin American.)

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