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Urban Shamanism - Primordial Inheritance

The 3 ritual trance pieces here are focused on deep levels of shamanic gnosis,using sounds as primordial elements to travel vast astral words searching for our primigenian inheritance.

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The Heart of the Music Box

A constantly shifting dub voyage laced with unrepentant noise, traveling slowly into chaotic dispersion.

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Radio Free Clear Light -
Live at Godspeed

Recorded during a live ritual performance at Godspeed, dark ambient looping, electronic improv, driving beats, and wraithlike vocals take the listener by storm. RFCL gives expression to high experience with all of its horror and delight in a 50 min musical journey from the moon to the deep underground and back.

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Kyron - Dark Goddess

From inner space to outer space, through the organic swamps of subconscious creation into bright and burning cosmic ecstasy, Dark Goddess grips you in its fierce talons and wails into existence without inhibition. Electronic soundscapes that conjure cyberpunk images give way to organic beats, croaking, and mirthful debauchery.

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Via Sinistrae - The Tower

Electronic music verging on noise, stirring vocalizations, and unexpected mutations interact with the pre-linguistic aspect of the listener’s psyche, drawing them into the fold. True to the spirit of the live ritual,  this music demolishes standardized forms and electrifies the senses.

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Kyron - Doorways

A dive into dark waters, into unexplored territories at the outer fringes of consciousness. "Doorways" opens up into subtle spaces that evolve and spiral through your mind in unpredictable patterns. A pure dark electronic ambient exploration, it demands your full attention and rewards it with forbidden sonic caresses from the forgotten corners of reality.

"...a 65-minute long apocalyptic score for a lovely psychological horror trip." Phosphor Magazine

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Shamanmusic 2 - Sacred Shamanic Sex

The music in this CD was created with the intention of working as an active element in a series of invocations in which Koyote, a Central American Shaman, continued this tradition, passing on this teaching through a live ritual in such a way that it takes hold in each individual essential self, activating the work of the Sacred Serpent within each of the ones attending.

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Kyron - Persistence of Secrets

Kyron takes the raw maelstrom that is "Trip Tech - Children of the Secret" and goes on a quest to explore the infinite world of nuance, reference and association that hides beneath it.  The new pieces are recklessly experimental yet strangely approachable in nature, sometimes veering towards a recognizable style before alien harmonies or rhythms disrupt that promise.

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RFCL - Black Valley

Many years later I had the luck to have Menlo Mcfarlane along with a few other voyagers in my studio and the old spirit of the Black Valley sessions emerged anew. Suddenly those jewels emerged from the past, reforming into new shapes, sounds and words...
Close your eyes, open your heart and mind and allow the secret chamber of the Black Valley to become a part of  your own realm.

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RFCL - Treading Softly Against the Tide

The central thesis of this recording is the persistence of attention through transformation. Once a certain degree of will, care and intention have been put into a particular structure, this structure will carry these qualities through any series of mutations and rebirths. . A small sound structure (originating from a short improvisation session) is made to undergo a sequence of journeys and to inhabit alien spaces.

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Trip Tech - Silent Apocalypse

Trip Tech takes a ride into the further reaches of dream reality, where our fears get confused with our wildest desires to form moving and complex realms of hyper conscious life. Dark post-ambient spaces touching on the past (The Orb, Brian Eno, Namlook) to propel forcefully into a surprising future.

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Kyron - KAOS Drone

"KAOS Drone" is an hour long single piece that starts from a deep drone and explores it and develops it through a long series of creative jumps and subtle touches. Human voices chanting forgotten shamanic invocations meld with post modern synths locked into polyrhythmic patters which give way to...

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Kyron - Shaman Music 1

The music in this CD was created with the intention of working as an active element in the service of a group shamanic experience. Our intention was to take a small group from the "normal" human dimension into a more subtle space and state, and then get them back safe and sound. This is the first in a series.

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Children of the Secret

Now available at stores nationwide!

A musical gift for those travelers who yearn to learn the secrets that lie beneath the veil...

"...shattered all your preconceived ideas of electronic music."  (Steve-O)BPM Magazine

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Journey to Theta

An ambient sound space designed to take you into a very specific altered state of consciousness: the Theta state or dream space.

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Journey to Alpha

An ambient sound space designed to take you into a very specific altered state of consciousness: the Alpha state.

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Zelda and Roland

Zelda and Roland find themselves once again in their eternal struggle, the soft chaotic infinity that is her and the localized precise point that is him.  A long,flowing stream of music and sound (over 50 minutes) that was created to be the background for esoteric or spiritual work. Created for, and with the help of, Menlo Mcfarlane.

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Chimps in Space

Hardcore Trance Inducing Music - A subtle exploration of the roots of our consciousness and our desires, coupled with a need for a journey beyond the limits of the "normal" and into the outer fringes of rationality.

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Ion Evo

featuring Master Drummer Dru Kristel

A post modern fusion of ancient principles with the latest instruments - this one is full of alien sounds and earthy drumming.

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Jungle Monkeys

A Shamanic Journey Backwards, Forwards and Sideways though the Depths of Time. An attempt at refocusing our point of view, from a limited present to an unthinkable stretch of history!

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